Detection systems are becoming increasingly important in today’s world in order to detect weapons, explosives and narcotics. Airports, embassies, government buildings and critical infrastructure, all need qualitative scanning systems to minimize the risks of threatening objects. Our safety consultants will advise you on how to optimise the safety screening at your location. In addition to supplying scanning systems, Bavak also has a large stock of rental equipment at its disposal. No matter how big your event or conference is, Bavak can provide the right screening solutions.

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X-ray Systems

X-ray Systems | Detection Systems

A.I. for X-ray

X-ray Systems | Detection Systems

Metal Detection

Metal Detection

Under Vehicle Insp.

Under Vehicle Inspection

Rental Solutions

Rental Solutions

X-Ray inspection systems

Bavak offers a very wide range of X-Ray Inspection Systems. There are the  “standard” baggage and package systems, but also freight and container scanners. Though the range also includes mobile scanning systems that are built into a vehicle or, for example, a separate hand scanner. Click here for more information about the full range of X-Ray inspection systems by Bavak.

Artificial Intelligence for X-Ray systems

The Synapse Technology platform can automatically detect weapons, knives and other threats at for instance airports and concert locations. This is actually possible wherever large numbers of people come together. The Syntech ONE AI software comes as an extra on existing X-Ray machines. Adding the A.I. software makes it act like a second pair of eyes. Click here for more information about the A. I. software.

Walkthrough Metal Detection systems

Metal detection systems can hardly be ignored in our society. A reliable and efficient check is increasingly necessary in a large number of situations. The areas of application are endless, from airports to government buildings, from banks, to (nuclear) power plants. In addition, the metal detection systems are also used at sporting events and discotheques. Click here for more information about the Walkthrough Metal Detection Systems.

Under Vehicle Inspection Systems

Almost any vehicle can inspected at the bottom in a quick and efficient manner with the Under Vehicle Inspection Systems (UVIS). The UVIS works to detect explosives, weapons, but also narcotics and other contraband hidden under vehicles. Manually inspecting a vehicle through mirrors, inspection pits and lamps is therefore a thing of the past. Click here for more information about the Under Vehicle Inspection Systems.

Rental of detection systems

Bavak has an extensive range of scanning and detection equipment for rent. This equipment can be used to secure various events. For example during state visits, events, political meetings, parties and congresses. From Bavak, everything is delivered in a total turnkey solution that you can use right away. Click here for more information about the rental of detection systems.