Evolv Edge is the new generation in “checkpoint systems” and is powered by the Evolv Cortex AI software platform. This makes it possible to carry out effective checks on weapons and explosives at each location, while the visitor is inconvenienced as little as possible.

The system is able to detect a wide range of weapons and metals (or non-metals) as quickly and accurately as possible. Thanks to technical innovation, it is possible that each checkpoint can scan up to 800 people per hour. That is approximately 2.5x the throughput of the older metal detector gates. Explosives and firearms are detected by the Evolv Edge, and thus anyone can go through it at a natural pace without threat.


The Evolv Edge is easy to use. The only ‘technical requirement’ is an outlet. All software, hardware and accessories are integrated. This implicates that setting up the system takes less than 15 minutes. The system is designed to be mobile in that it is supplied with wheels. This makes it very easy to move the entire system. One person can bring the system from entrance to entrance or from location to location.

With multiple detection sensitivity modes, you can set the system to different threat levels. This makes it easy to adjust the risk-based security policy when it changes.


With the Evolv Edge, there’s no need to stop for a security scan. It is is also no longer necessary to empty your pockets for detection. It is even possible to walk on with a closed bag. That is, if a threat is detected the system intervenes. The system identifies the person and displays the location of the weapon or concealed device to the security team on a screen.

The Evolv Edge brings you:

  • 5x higher throughput: the Evolv Edge screens up to 800 people per hour. Visitors and employees walk straight through without having to stop.
  • Realtime detection of metals and non-metal weapons: the Cortex AI software platform from Evolv distinguishes between threats such as a gun or bomb. For example, a mobile phone is not signaled as a threat.
  • Fast screening: only with the Evolv it is no longer necessary to stop for a check. There will be no need to ‘empty bags’ and visitors can walk through the screening in a natural pace.
  • Targeted searches and therefore less burden on security teams: de bewakers zien een realtime afbeelding op een scherm. Hierop is te zien waar de potentiele dreiging op het lichaam van het persoon is.
  • Slimmer in de tijd: blijf de dreiging voor. Met het Evolv Cortex AI software platform wordt de Evolv Edge intelligenter. Het systeem ‘leert’ van nieuwe dreigingsprofielen.

Bavak levert en plaatst verschillende systemen voor screening van personen. Deze uitgebreide ervaring en de nieuwe dreigingen van vandaag heeft ervoor gezorgd dat u ook de Evolv Edge bij Bavak kunt verkrijgen.

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