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Walkthrough Metal Detectors

walkthrough metal detectors

Walkthrough metal detectors have been part of security measures worldwide for over 30 years. Bavak Security has sold, installed and maintained hundreds of metal detection systems. We have done this since the late 80’s on various high security locations as airports, courthouses, prisons and other venues.

Bavak Security has chosen for Rapiscan Systems’ Metor metal detectors. This brand draws on nearly forty years of design and production experience in people screening. The Metor brand sets the standard with security metal detectors through continual R&D and innovative product development. By doing so it is therefore the choice of Bavak. The consistently maintained position as the world’s leading manufacturer of quality walk-through metal detectors is supported by the Metor metal detectors in a diverse range of applications. Some of these have been in operation for more than two decades. Rapiscan Systems provides Metor metal detectors for operational indoor and outdoor use. It also provides Metal detectors for high sensitivity as well as high discrimination demands.

With the choice for Rapiscan systems, Bavak has one of the widest ranges of security metal detection systems available. This varies from basic hand-held metal detectors and simple single-zone archways to complex airport-approved networked walk-through metal detectors and high-sensitivity loss prevention solutions.

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