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X-ray Inspection Systems

Inspection of bags and parcels should be efficient, effective and meet the toughest regulatory requirements worldwide.

Each day millions of items across the globe are inspected at airports, borders, post offices, events and other sites. This is done via baggage and parcel inspection systems. These systems are versatile to adapt to different screening scenarios. So they are providing the best possible performance and functionality to assist in easy identification of explosives and contraband.

baggage and parcel x-ray inspection systems

Rapiscan Baggage & Parcel X-ray Inspection Systems

Bavak offers a huge range of X-ray screening systems for checking baggage, parcels and small freight. As a result, whatever your requirements are, we have the right screening solution available. Rapiscan Systems’s baggage and parcel screening solutions offer reliability & speed. Bavak Security Group is exclusive distributor for Rapiscan and AS&E within the Netherlands. By doing so Bavak has the best possible brands in X-Ray inspection available.

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freight & cargo x-ray inspection systems

Rapiscan Freight & Cargo X-ray Inspection Systems

For efficient inspection of freight and cargo Bavak has a range of high quality X-ray Inspection Systems available.

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backscatter x-ray inspection systems

AS&E Gemini© Z-Backscatter™ X-ray Inspection Systems

For efficient inspection of freight and cargo Bavak has a range of high quality X-ray Inspection Systems available. The Gemini® X-ray inspection system makes the difference for when it comes to “the extra step”. So the Gemini® X-ray inspection system offers two technologies in one system.

  • Gemini® X-ray inspection system easily detects metallic objects like knives and guns;
  • Gemini® X-ray inspection system clearly reveals organic materials hidden in cluttered parcels.

This is the big difference versus transmission-only systems.

Dual-energy transmission technology sees fine wires with excellent image resolution and patented Z-Backscatter™ technology provides more information about organics. These can even more be seen in small amounts.

These two imaging systems in one machine provide improved detection versus transmission-only systems. Dual-energy transmission for detection of metal threats plus Z-Backscatter to enforce enhanced explosive and narcotics detection.

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mobile x-ray inspection systems

Mobile X-ray Inspection Systems

The Z Backscatter® Van (ZBV) is a breakthrough in X-ray technology. The ZBV is extremely manoeuvrable and is the lowest cost of ownership for a mobile screening system.

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portable x-ray inspection systems

Portable X-ray Inspection Systems

Bavak introduces the versatile Mini Z  Backscatter® system. This unique handheld device is the first portable X-ray detection system suitable for detecting narcotics, contraband and explosives. Therefore it can be used by customs, and security officials.

The MINI Z is a compact, single-sided imager so can be used to scan objects in hard-to-reach areas. These can be the inside of vehicles. Like cars, ships, airplanes or any tight compartment which will not be fitted in a regular X-Ray machine. By this handheld system it is possible to have a more effective screening of items in hard to reach areas.

Using the unique AS&E’s signature Z Backscatter technology, the MINI Z system produces a real-time image of the scanned object. So it highlights organic materials that transmission X-ray systems can miss, as for instance explosives, currency, and drugs.

The MINI Z system is self-contained and does not require set-up: enabling immediate operation. As an operator scans a target, an image appears in real-time on the system’s dedicated tablet.

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