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Portable X-ray Inspection Systems 2018-04-05T13:47:32+00:00

The Bavak Mini Z handheld Backscatter detection system provides effective detection of organic threats, contraband and explosives for public safety, customs and border enforcement and security officials.

The Mini Z is a compact, single-sided imager that can be used to scan objects in hard-to-reach areas allowing for the effective screening of a wide variety of items such as suspicious bags, walls, furniture, small boats, aircraft, vehicle tires and car interiors.

The Mini Z produces a real-time image of the scan target, highlighting organic materials that transmission X-ray systems can miss, such as explosives, currency and drug.

The Mini Z is self-contained and does not require set-up: enabling immediate operation. As an operator scans a target, an image appears in real-time on the systems dedicated tablet.