Fixed Bollards

Bavak BollardsThere are various type of fixed bollards available and to be delivered and installed via Bavak. The purposes for use are to mitigate the effects (standoff) of vehicle borne improvised explosive devices (VBIED). These bollards are also used to protect vital infrastructure or public places from Vehicles used As A Weapon. (VAAW).

Fixed bollards and crash ratings

Depending on the site Bavak offers different types of fixed security bollards to be installed. Bavak offers Bollards with traditional full depth foundations. For urban environments which often have a dense network of underground services Bavak offers a Shallow Mount version. This is very cost effective solution because there will be significantly less civil installation cost. These come in various crash ratings, which again, are depending on your needs.

Most of the bollards Bavak delivers are crash-rated and have been tested and certified according the ASTM2656, PAS68 or IWA14-1. So in case you need to be secured for crash rated-fixed-bollards, make sure you look for the right crash rating in combination with the right installation using the guidance standards PAS69 or IWA14-2.

The look of the bollards is to be adapted.

As stated, the fixed bollards come in various shapes and sizes. One specific important part from these bollards is that the look of these can easily be adapted to your needs via a sleeve.  This would  implicate that the outer colour can be made to suit your exact needs. And even the shape of the bollard can be adapted. This would implicate that your bollards can exactly match your style or the needs requested by an architect.

Bavak is the right partner for bollards.

Bavak is selling bollards coming from various suppliers. We are selling various bollards from various suppliers as this is the best way to get the right solution for the project. This is as in the Bavak perspective, every security project requires a unique approach. The professional team from Bavak knows how, to ‘think in solutions’ and to protect your perimeter in the best way possible.

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