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Security Management Systems

security management systems

Does your security system still exists of separate sub-systems? Bavak can integrate your systems with state-of-the-art Security Management Systems. We optimize your processes, reduce operational costs and improve your security.

Bavak is distributing the Lenel OnGuard software for access-control, security camera systems and security management systems, since 1999.

Due to the flexibility our Security Management can be found at small organisations as well as large government sites. The software will constantly update, using the latest technologies. These technologies are biometric readers, online wireless Mifare and also mobile alarm handling via a smartphone.

Our systems can be integrated with Galaxy intrusion detection systems, analogue/IP cameras, Skypoint CCTV platforms, intelligent video analysis, fire alarm systems, access control systems, visitor systems and intercom systems.

By integration of the Lenel platform, you will better get more control and a significantly higher security level at lower costs.

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