Synapse – Syntech ONE available via Bavak in Europe

Syntech | Synapse ONE

Synapse Technology Corporation has announced that it has expanded its reach in Europe. Synapse is a developer of the Syntech ONE software and has entered into a partnership with Bavak. This immediately guarantees the reach of Synapse in Europe.

Syntech ONE is an AI platform that dramatically improves the effectiveness of X-Ray machines by automating the detection of prohibited items. The system can be adapted to both new and existing X-Ray machines. The growing “threat detection library,” which now includes ammunition in addition to firearm components, knives, is the most extensive in the industry.

With false alarm rates of 0.3% on so-called sharp objects and 0.01% on firearms, and detection rates of more than 99% for firearms themselves, the performance of Syntech ONE is superior to all other commercially available systems.

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Drone Detection – Secured Success

During a recent large scale festival in the Netherlands with over 50.000 visitors, the organizers used a drone detection system supplied by Bavak Security Group to keep the airspace over the festival area safe.

The system, produced by Dedrone, consisted of multiple detectors with RF, optical and acoustics detection capabilities. The heart of the system is the easy to use DroneTracker software that showed the location of the drone and the location of the operator/pilot on a geofence map in the Event Control Center.

During the festival, a total of four different drones where detected within a three hours period. After detection, police officers were dispatched to the location of the pilot on the ground, with as result that two drones were confiscated by the police.

The so-called ‘hobbydrone pilots’ are often naive and have no idea about the potential risks they pose to populated areas. The amount of drones is growing rapidly. The problem of unwanted or even high threat drones is getting bigger every day. It is good to see that governments and event organizers are using this kind of technology to keep the airspace safe from rogue drones.

The message to hobby drone pilots is: Use your drone safely within the rules and regulations. You might face the risk of accidents or, like at this festival, you face the risk of losing your precious drone.

Bavak secures Military Air Bases in Afghanistan and Mali

Bavak was selected to supply a total integrated solution for remotely verifying authorized visitors to a Military Air Base in Afghanistan and a Military Air Base in Mali.

Bavak secures Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Schiphol Airport

Bavak was selected to supply X-ray screening systems to Dutch Customs at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

Bavak secures Dutch Police Stations

Bavak was selected to supply bullet resistent Speedgates to several Police Stations in the Netherlands.

Bavak secures US Embassies worldwide

Bavak was selected to supply physical protection solutions at US Embassies worldwide.

Bavak secures the Port of Antwerp, Belgium

Bavak, together with its partner Arktis, have provided a turn-key solution with nuclear detection screening systems at the Port of Antwerp, Belgium.