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Bavak Security Group is the leading manufacturer and supplier of physical, electronic and cyber security solutions for critical infrastructures. Together with our clients, our security experts create the most suitable security solutions for today’s challenges. Bavak Security Group, a Dutch technology company with more than 40 years of experience, operates worldwide and has entities in the Netherlands and the United States of America.

Bavak Security Group main product groups are:

  • Perimeter Security – Speedgates, Bollards, Roadblockers and Arm Barriers
  • Screening Solutions – X-Ray Inspection Systems, Metal Detection and Under Vehicle Inspection Systems
  • Integrated Security Solutions – Security Management Systems, Drone Detection Systems and Integrated Military Solutions, Command & Control Solutions and OSINT.
  • Maintenance & Support, Training – Fast response times, brand independent maintenance, high rated training scheme for various products.

Bavak delivers the complete integration of both physical and electronic security solutions for governments & industry.

People Screening

Remotely Operated Military Access Point (ROMAP)

ROMAP is an automated personnel access point for base protection and is part of Integrated Military Solutions. It offers multiple security lanes managed from one remote Control Center. Effective against BW-IEDs by local workers. Integrated are biometrics ID validation, X-ray screening of bags and people.

Technical description ROMAP
•120 people per lane / per hour capacity
•Biometrics ID validation
•Metal detector and backscatter X-ray
•Millimeter wave screening for people
•Secondary inspection with body scanner
•Access hatches for EOD robot
•All systems interlocked per segment
•All modules can be airlifted
•Operational in Afghanistan since 2014

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High Energy Cargo & Vehicle Inspection System

The OmniView® Gantry system delivers unprecedented penetration into cargo containers, tankers, and large vehicles up to five meters high. Its high penetration and best-in-class dual-energy transmission imaging makes it the ideal solution for detecting threats and contraband in densely-loaded cargo at ports and borders. Optional integration with a multi-sided Z Backscatter®imaging module improves manifest verification and the detection of organic materials.


  • High-energy transmission imaging with 400 mm (15.7 in) steel penetration and superior quality images
  • Scans stationary trucks at a rate of approximately 28 trucks per hour
  • Large tunnel size accommodates vehicles up to 5 meters (16.4 ft) high
  • Optional integration with a multi-sided Z Backscatter imaging module for improved detection of organic materials

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Drone Detection

Drone Detection – Protection of Critical Infrastructure

Until now, a good perimeter protection was sufficient to protect critical infrastructure.  Now it is also necessary to place an entire dome over the infrastructure to counter threats from drones. Bavak has been working on drone detection for several years now as a complement to other detection tools. As a system integrator, Bavak chose to use Dedrone’s proven technology.


  • Drones can pose the following threats:
  • Privacy / Espionage threat
  • Terror / Crime Threat
  • Cyber threat

Drone detection systems can be permanently installed and integrated with existing control room systems. For events and temporary deployment it is possible to use a fast deployable event drone detection unit. These units are supplied by Bavak at various (government) events in the EU.

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Integrated Security Management / Open Source Intelligence

Integrated Security Solutions & Management Systems are the heart of the security system. It consist of access management, electronic surveillance systems and cyber security protection.

Bavak has proven itself in the security business for decades now on a national and international base.

Bavak delivers the integration of both physical and electronic security systems which are delivered for governmental, commercial and even private facilities or critical infrastructures world-wide.


  • Access Management
  • Electronic Surveillance Systems
  • Drone Detection
  • People Screening
  • Truck Screening
  • ABIS Database with multi biometric modalities like Iris, Finger • print, Biometric photo, DNA etc.
  • Open Source Intelligence

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