Sliding Bollards

Sliding Bollards | Bavak SecuritygroupBavak has wide experience in securing the infrastructure with bollards. In case you have a perimeter where you need to have an opening in the line of bollards on a regular base, you can consider either a sinking or a sliding bollard.

When would you place sliding bollards?

You might encounter a situation where the  the rising and lowering of a traditional bollard is impossible. This can be due to a dense network of underground services and urban environments. Still you want to keep sight on the bollards when moving. The best solution in this case are sliding bollards without compromising the safety in any way.

The bollards will be sliding aside so a vehicle is able to pass though, and slide back as soon as this is possible. In this way the bollards will be fully visible during the whole process. Furthermore there is no ‘deep’ foundation required. Therefore it is possible to mount this solution in places where you are unable to ‘dig’ deep for a foundation. Also this is a very cost effective solution because there will be significantly less civil installation cost.

Bavak has placed multiple sliding bollard systems and can be considered a specialist in this specific solution. All of these were tailor made and designed for specific needs. This is the power of working with Bavak.

Certificated for safety

Most of the bollards Bavak delivers are crash-rated and have been tested and certified according the ASTM2656, PAS68 or IWA14-1. So in case you need to be secured for crash rated-fixed-bollards, make sure you look for the right crash rating. Note! This should be combined with the right installation using the guidance standards PAS69 or IWA14-2.

Bavak is the right partner for bollards

Bavak is selling bollards coming from various suppliers. We are selling various bollards from various suppliers as this is the best way to get the right solution for the project. This is as in the Bavak perspective, every security project requires a unique approach. The professional team from Bavak knows how to ‘think in solutions’ and to protect your perimeter in the best way possible.

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