Special Bollards

Special BollardsBavak has wide experience in securing the infrastructure with bollards. The purposes for use are to mitigate the effects (standoff) of vehicle borne improvised explosive devices (VBIED), to protect vital infrastucture or public places from Vehicles used As A Weapon. (VAAW). This is done by placing bollards in a way the site is secure and there is a visible ‘barrier’. In certain cases it might be that this visible barrier is not appreciated, whilst it still is requested that the site is secured. In this case it is possible to place security which is not to be seen as ‘offensive’. This means for instance  bollards in the shape of benches and planters. One could say in this case the security is “disguised as street furniture“.

Bollards and crash ratings

Decorative bollards are available in a range of materials and designs to complement any architectural style. This can be from classical or historical buildings to modern commercial spaces. There are different styles and forms available to suit any environment.

Though in case the (landscape) architect would require the aesthetic approach, Bavak is able to answer this need as well. Bavak delivers various options in special versions which makes it possible to blend the safety completely into the ‘natural’ surroundings. As exampled before one could think of planters with a bollard inside. It is also possible to combine safety with comfort, by placing a public bench over crash-rated bollards. By doing so the complete surrounding is secured, whilst it isn’t being offensive.

Most of the bollards Bavak delivers are crash-rated and have been tested and certified according the PAS68 or IWA14-1. So in case you need to be secured for crash rated solution, make sure you look for the right crash rating in combination with the right installation using the guidance standards PAS69 or IWA14-2.

Bavak is the right partner for bollards

Bavak is selling bollards coming from various suppliers. We are selling bollards from various suppliers as this is the best way to get the right solution for the project. This is as in the Bavak perspective, every security project requires a unique approach. The professional team from Bavak knows how to ‘think in solutions’ and protect your perimeter in the best way possible.

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