High Speed Security Gates – Speedgates

A speedgate is an electromechanical driven fast folding gate, consisting of two or four panels that open simultaneously on two sides. Each side is made up of a driven panel and follower panel. There are various types available and these can be delivered in multiple variations. These can be High Speed Security gates with bars, to gates with tailor made logo’s, glass, claddings or the speed door version with Bullet resistant – FB6 panels to the fully closed versions.

Why would you choose for a Speedgate?

So the Bavak gates are the secure solution in busy areas where a mandated full-closure is required. The gates are perfectly suited for industrial estates, car parks, offices as well as ports and commercial developments. Bavak sees the principles for the development of a speedgate as reliability, quality and durability.

Speedgates are adapted to the situation and are available with a top or bottom drive. The system can be operated with access control systems, and secured with detection loops and traffic lights. Bavak Security Group provides the optimum solution for virtually all access control and parking application needs.

The Bavak Speedgate

All speedgates from Bavak are suitable for situations which require an opening to operate as quickly such as a rising arm barrier, these gates can be used for both perimeter protection and traffic management. From normal day-to-day vehicle access and car parks at residential complexes to high-security locations, the Bavak speedgate ensures a save and selective access. It goes for all gates that these will be tailor made to your needs. This goes from the “standard” speedgates to the speeddoors to the “hot dip galvanized” versions to the speedgates with pickets infill. The last version can be delivered with a tested resistance levels 3 and 4.

Our high speed security gates can be driven from the top or the bottom dependent on your situation and to suit your security layout. All Bavak speedgates are designed with high security in mind. Our automatic speed gates are very safe and conform and complies with many safety standards like RC3 and RC4 according to NEN. The Bavak speedgate can be delivered as a standard speedgate, but also as a custom made.

Bavak offers four types of high-tech speedgates, all with a low total cost of ownership.

Please see below for a short summary of the Bavak Speedgates;

First of all is the Bavak B-Trackless. This gate is perfectly suited for traffic regulation. It will suit any fence line perfectly and is also perfect to be placed in case there is no option for a bottom or top guide.

The B-Access is available in a top guided version and is developed especially for carparks and residential complexes. It has the maximum clear opening and is free standing.

There is the B-Secure, which is bottom driven and especially developed for heavy transport and intensive use. These bottom driven gates have no height restrictions, and for this reason suits many different entrances and needs. Due to the firm construction the Bavak B-Secure can just like the B-Protect, be used for tailor made solutions like logo’s and adaptations to architectural needs. During the development process our engineers have focused on the modular drive and the construction of the bottom drive unit.

The Bavak B-Protect is for whom needs the utmost best. These gates have WK2 and RC2 certifications optionally available. This is thé High Security speedgate in the market. It is perfectly suited for large parking facilities and is built to withstand a maximum number of movements per day. The Bavak speedgate B-Protect is also suited for customisation as you may expect from the best in class. It is to be noticed that the Bavak B-Protect speedgate is available with bars as an RC3 and RC4 version which is unique, and even as a closed (speeddoor) versions which also has either the RC3 or the RC4 rating. Both are certified NEN-EN 1627.

Furthermore it is to be noticed that the B-Protect can be built as bullet resistant as well (FB4 – FB6)

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Speedgate B-Access

Speedgate B-Access

The Speedgate B-Access is available in a top and bottom guided version and is developed especially for carparks and residential complexes. This model, the Speedgate B-access is fast, inexpensive, durable and capable of unlimited movements per day.

  • According to EN 13241-1
  • Available in top- and bottom guided version
  • Suitable for high intensive use
  • Long live cycle
Speedgate B-secure

Speedgate B-Secure

A Speedgate B-Secure bottom driven is especially developed for heavy transport and intensive use. During the development process our engineers have focused on the modular drive and the construction of the bottom drive unit. Due to the construction of the modular drive, maintenance is to be carried out fast and efficient. By using standard steel profiles, the drive unit is almost self-supporting and capable for the highest axle loads.

  • According to EN 13241-1
  • Suitable for any traffic classifications
  • No height restriction
  • Self-supporting construction, minimal civil demands
Speedgate B-protect

Speedgate B-Protect

The Speedgate B-Protect top driven is a Speedgate with a very solid construction and is often used in situations which requires a high level of security. All the gates in this category offer versatility of the SpeedgateB-protect. This varies from a basic model to a high-security Speedgate, suitable in almost any situation from car parks to prison facilities. With additional packages like bullet resistancy, pressure and burglary resistancy, Bavak is able to suite this type of Speedgate to the highest level of security.

  • WK2 / RC2 certification optionally

  • According to EN 13241-1
  • Heaviest Speedgate available
  • Proven Technology
  • Suitable for high intensive use
  • Many versions available
Speedgate B-trackless

Speedgate B-Trackless

The Speedgate B-Trackless is developed for access control situations, when top or bottom guide is not possible. This Speedgate B-trackless has a self-supporting construction and the positions of the gate panels will be realized by an electronic encoder instead of the common end switches. The encoder is more accurate and maintenance free.

  • According to EN 13241-1
  • Self-supporting construction
  • Suitable for high intensive use
  • Long live cycle