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Security Solutions

Bavak Security Group offers solutions for every security situation. From security design all the way to the turn-key realization. This goes for the physical and electronic security solutions.

Perimeter Security Systems

Perimeter Security Systems offers a complete control over the access of vehicles and people. Bavak Security Group offers a full range of perimeter security systems solutions.

Bavak Speedgates

Bavak Speedgates

Bavak Crash Rated Bollards

Bavak Crash Rated Bollards

Bavak Roadblocker

Bavak Roadblockers

Integrated Security Solutions

Integrated Security Solutions & Management Systems are the heart of the security system. It consist of access management, electronic surveillance systems combined with drone-detection and a cyber security layer to offer full protection.

Security Management Systems

Security Management Systems

Drone Setection Systems

Drone detection systems

Integrated Military Solutions

Integrated military solutions

Screening Solutions

Bavak Security Group offers a full range of X-ray, nuclear and metal detection screening products.

Rental Services

Rental services at large events

Fixed and Mobile X-Ray systems

Fixed and mobile X-ray systems

Parcel Screening Systems

Parcel screening systems