Maintenance & Support

Bavak has a brand independent service organisation which handles the regular maintenance, as well as preventive maintenance. This means, that our technicians have the expertise to service and maintain systems from other brands and suppliers. The advantage for you is one point of contact for all your security solutions.

Where systems are daily used by people and failures have a high impact, a security installation must be reliable for 100%. When a security system does not work properly, it immediately affects the continuity of the company processes.

  • Technical expertise and experience of more than 40 years
  • One point of contact for all your security equipment
  • Response time of 4, 8 or 24 hours
  • Brand independent maintenance
  • 24/7 service desk
  • Clear reports

Please contact us for more information.

Training services

Over the years, Bavak has developed itself as a competence center for a wide area of technical security solutions. With this expertise we started an activity in 2009, specialized in training services. This is because we believe that to share knowledge is to increase knowledge. To share our knowledge with you will help to increase the quality of security for your organisation.

For an optimal effect of security systems, it is important that your employees are familiar with the equipment. During the course we train the employees all the proper operations to ensure that the operators can successfully perform all required operations.

Bavak offers brand independent training courses. For a few training courses, specific admission levels are required. For more information please contact our training department.

Please contact us for more information.