Synapse Technology – Syntech ONE®

Synapse invented and developed AI threat detection technology. This technology is available via Bavak for immediate use on X-Ray systems.Handgun | Syntech one Synapse

Syntech ONE is an AI-powered software platform that dramatically improves the effectiveness of checkpoint x-ray scanners by automating detection of prohibited items. Its growing threat detection library now includes ammunition in addition to gun components, sharps and knives. This is the most extensive in the industry. With false alarm rates in the field of 0.3% on sharps and 0.01% on firearms, and detection rates above 99% for firearms, Syntech ONE’s performance is superior to other commercially-available systems.

Syntech ONE offers customers a truly open integration platform that supports full backward compatibility. This goes for any X-ray manufacturer and model, including Smiths Detection, Rapiscan and Astrophysics standard checkpoint x-ray scanners. Syntech ONE is already widely deployed and has processed over 10,000,000 passenger bags. The US Department of Homeland Security recognizes the value of Syntech ONE and has granted a SAFETY Act award for this technology platform.

Integration in existing machines – low investment with high effect

Folding Kinfe | Syntech one Synapse

Synapse Technology’s platform can automatically detect weapons, knives and other threats at airports, concert venues, schools and anywhere large numbers of people gather. The Syntech ONE AI software overlays onto existing security screening X-ray machines. By doing so it acts as a second pair of eyes to assist checkpoint operators and learning to recognize new threats as they appear. The technology is already in use and has processed more than five million bags. This is done at venues in the United States, Europe, the Caribbean, and Asia.  It has caught numerous sharps, firearms and other threats that operators would not have otherwise detected.

Synapse Technology’s proprietary computer vision platform, Syntech ONE®, detects threats at X-Ray and CT security checkpoints. Syntech ONE® allows for automated screening technology, enabling security checkpoints worldwide to catch more threats while reducing operating costs and increasing throughput. The software platform integrates on both new and existing checkpoint machines at airports, schools, office buildings, and more.

Synape Syntech One is compatible with Astrophysics XIS-6040, Rapiscan 620DV, Rapiscan 620XR, Rapiscan 620XRH, Smiths 6040i, Smiths 6040-2i, Smiths 6046i, ATiX and more.

Why use Synapse at Your Checkpoint

  • You will catch more threatsRevolver Cylinder | Syntech one Synapse
  • It integrates quickly onto existing machines.
  • You will have fewer false positives
  • You will have reduced operational costs
  • Synapse can be customized to your protocols.
  • Synapse has an adjustable prohibited items list.

Final important point, why would you install Synapse?  “The more the algorithms take on, the better that humans are able to perform,”

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