Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is our commitment – by optimizing our processes, minimizing our waste and effective use of IT systems. Part of our CSR strategy is that Bavak Securitygroup acts as an inspirational institute for the IMC Weekendschool from The Hague and the Vereran Search Team in the Netherlands.

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The IMC Weekendschool The Hague is a school for supplementary education. The school is for kids between 10 and 14 years from underprivileged neighbourhoods. The Veterans Search Team aims to be of great added value to government services in the event of a missing person. They combine the strength and knowledge of veterans and other uniformed personnel. The distinguishing feature lies in the maintenance of discipline, respect for the cause and the spirit of participation among the volunteers

There are 10 different weekend schools in the Netherlands. This is made possible by more than a hundred companies and funds, including Bavak Security Group. Each year, more than 3500 volunteers deploy themselves as guest lecturers or supervisors nationwide.

Every year Bavak opens up to make a group of inquisitive youngsters at home in the special world of high-tech security. This is done ‘in house’ by means of presentations in which the young people get ‘a peek into the Bavak business’. The reactions are disarming and very sharp. The main reason for Bavak to participate in the weekend school is to show that by making a choice ‘everything is possible’.

The goal of the Veterans Search Team is to actively contribute during searches for missing persons and/or property under the direction of the Police. The Veterans Search Team is a foundation maintained by Veterans, former Police employees and other uniformed professions. All on a voluntary basis. Click here for more information in Dutch.

Bavak is proud to be able to make an active contribution.

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