February 26 20215 reasons - Security Management System
February 18 2021
February 16 20215 reasons – Bavak Under Vehicle Inspection System (UVIS-system)
February 11 20215 reasons – Bavak Bollards
February 10 2021(cold) winter tips
February 09 2021Bavak Security Group on YouTube
December 03 2020Drone Detection of Bavak

November 30 2020Metal Detection solutions from Bavak
November 26 2020Bavak, the supplier for ROMAP, a military access control system

November 25 2020Bavak secures Prisons
November 17 2020Choosing the right Roadblocker

November 12 2020The physical security of the business environment
Service & Maintenance by Bavak
November 10 2020Service & Maintenance by Bavak
November 05 2020A 'flying camera' - operational 24/7
November 03 2020Security Management System – Security for today and tomorrow
October 30 2020Fireworks smuggle in cars? Bavak has a solution
October 27 2020The MINI Z® Handheld Z Backscatter system
October 22 2020Sliding Bollards at Bavak
October 20 2020Access control and Bavak
October 15 2020The Bavak Speedgate

October 13 2020Contactless Screening is necessary

October 08 2020New Drone Detection Sensor
October 06 2020Security Cameras

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