The history of Bavak Security Group

The history of Bavak Security Group

The history of Bavak started in 1959 when a company was founded in the Hague, The Netherlands by Fons Bakker. The company supplied professional clothing like branded overalls, hats and coats. Bavak was named after the combination of BAkkers VAKleding.

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During a family visit in Sweden, Fons Bakker discovered a number-clock in a shop where the customers could see who was next to order. Back in the Netherlands Fons Bakker contacted the company AB Turn-O-Matic from Sweden and introduced the system at almost every bakery, butcher and grocery shop in the Netherlands. It became a major breakthrough for the company Bavak. As result, a new company called Bavak Efficiency BV was founded. The company targeted its solutions mainly to the financial institutes. In 1974 Fons Bakker founded the company Bavak Security. This company focused on specialized burglar-detection systems and became one of the first certified security companies in the Netherlands.

In 1987 the company moved from The Hague to Katwijk. During that period, Bavak acquired the companies Jung Bouwen & Wonen as wel as PEVAC Access Control. After the integration of the companies, the name Bavak changed changed into Bavak Beveiligingsgroep BV (Bavak Security Group).

In 1994 the ownership of Bavak moved to the owners Jan Kleyweg and Jan Moberg. From that period, Bavak has grown steadily and developed to one of the most innovative security companies in the Netherlands. By now Bavak operates worldwide.

In 2004 Bavak Security Group moved to its current head office in Noordwijk at the Zwarteweg 19.

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Good security requires expertise. Bavak has been providing the best security worldwide for more than 40 years. If you also want to know how, please contact us.