5 reasons – Bavak Under Vehicle Inspection System (UVIS-system)

5 reasons – Bavak Under Vehicle Inspection System (UVIS-system)

February 16, 2021

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5 reasons – Under Vehicle Inspection Systems (UVIS-system)

The most 5 common reasons why Bavak must handle your project for Under Vehicle Inspection Systems!

  1. Bavak has a lot of knowledge and experience of UVIS systems. Our specialists are pleased to advise you which system meets your needs.
  2. The UVIS systems can be installed in or on the road surface, the so-called mobile systems. These mobile systems can be used immediately to set up a security checkpoint very quickly.
  3. Bavak has technicians who can professionally integrate the UVIS system into your road surface.
  4. The UVIS system can be connected to a license plate recognition camera. Scanned images are available in black and white or colour and can be inspected and stored.
  5. Bavak has a lot of experience with (inter)national end-users such as penitentiary institution, courts, ministries, embassies, customs authorities and airports.

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