5 reasons – Drone Detection Systems

5 reasons – Drone Detection Systems

March 16, 2021

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5 reasons – Drone Detection Systems

The 5 most common reasons why Bavak must handle your project for Drone Detection!

  1. Drone Detection of Bavak is not limited to a single brand but detects all brands and even home-made drones
  2. The Drone Detection Systems of Bavak does not only indicate the location of the drone (real-time) but it also shows gives the location of the pilot
  3. Bavak has years of experience with various types of detection and scanning equipment, we not only have detection on the ground but also in the air!
  4. Bavak’s Drone Detection provides early detection of potential threats to people, buildings, property and privacy
  5. The Drone Detection unit is also available for (temporary) rent

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