IMC Weekendschool at Bavak

IMC Weekendschool at Bavak

April 26, 2022

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Bavak and the IMC Weekendschool

On a beautiful Sunday in April, ten children from the IMC Weekendschool from The Hague came to Bavak in Noordwijk for an excursion. The employees of Bavak gave a short presentation about the various activities within Bavak and a glimpse of Bavak's product range. Subsequently, the children were divided into two groups and entered the showroom. Under the guidance of an experienced trainer, they were allowed to scan their own bags in an X-ray baggage scanner.

The IMC Weekend School Foundation is committed to creating fair opportunities for children in places where they are most needed. Bavak wants to contribute to this and is happy to be open to these children. On to the next one!


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