A Security Management System?

A Security Management System?

March 28, 2024

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A Security Management System?

A building equipped with various security systems, such as surveillance cameras, burglar alarms, and access control, can pose a challenge for its management. Often, this means multiple systems from different suppliers are needed, which can be time-consuming and complicated. Fortunately, a Security Management System (SMS) offers a solution to this.

With an SMS, various security systems can be integrated and centrally managed from a single application, providing ease of use and efficiency. This means that only knowledge of one system is required, rather than multiple separate systems.

An SMS offers various benefits. By enabling different systems to communicate with each other, they become smarter and more effective. This results in faster response times to break-ins, fewer false alarms, and cost savings on the response to these alarms.

Bavak, a certified specialist in this field, offers various SMS solutions, such as systems from LenelS2 and Genetec. Both systems combine key security applications into one integrated solution, with the possibility of integrating external security and business systems.

With extensive experience in both small and large projects and an in-house training department, Bavak ensures that your employees fully understand the system before they start using it, increasing success and reducing downtime.

Whether you are looking for a standalone VMS or an integrated solution, Bavak is ready to provide you with the right SMS solution that suits your needs.

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