Autonomous drones for rescue purposes

Autonomous drones for rescue purposes

December 07, 2022

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Autonomous drones for rescue purposes

The Skeyetech autonomous drones are making their début at the Paris Fire Brigade (BSPP)

The Paris Fire Brigade has become the first fire and rescue unit in the world to deploy an autonomous solution in urban areas, in partnership with Azur Drones, the leading French company in the field of fully autonomous drones.

Technology saves lives. Every year, the Paris Fire Brigade carries out around 300 rescue operations in the River Seine, saving people in difficulty in the water. To increase the chances of victim survival, it is studying the integration of the Skeyetech unmanned drone into its operations. After receiving a call for help, the drone automatically deploys to the area where the person is drowning. It is the first to arrive at the scene and provides rescue workers with smart video via automatic victim detection using its day and night cameras. Once positioned above the person to be rescued, the drone releases the buoy. The victim can then cling to it while waiting for the swimmers and/or divers and the drone continues its mission of supporting the operations in progress. Would you like to know more about the Skeyetech autonomous drone, please contact Bavak.

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Video credit: BSPP

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