Autonomous Surveillance Drone including 'Gas Sniffer'

Autonomous Surveillance Drone including 'Gas Sniffer'

August 16, 2023

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Autonomous Surveillance Drone including 'Gas Sniffer'

Bavak offers the autonomous drone equipped with an innovative 'Gas Sniffer' solution, enabling automatic detection of hazardous gas leaks.

The system operates autonomously whilst the images and all other data can be viewed from the control room. The drone is equipped with sensors and advanced software, allowing it to rapidly and accurately detect gas leaks. Traditional methods are often time-consuming and can be limited by manpower, resulting in a smaller coverage area and lower accuracy.

The 'Gas Sniffer' solution utilizes advanced sensors and algorithms to identify gases such as methane and carbon monoxide. The drone conducts autonomous scans, analyzes data, and sends real-time information to a control room. This enhances safety, improves efficiency, and reduces risks for workers. Additionally, this automated monitoring contributes to environmental protection by reducing uncontrolled gas emissions.

The Azur Drone featuring the 'Gas Sniffer' solution represents the evolution of drones and their impact across various industries.

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