Bavak – Boom barrier assortment

Bavak – Boom barrier assortment

January 09, 2024

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Bavak – Boom barriers

Boom barriers are a commonly used solution for regulating access to specific areas. They are frequently deployed in parking garages, industrial estates, and other locations where limited access is essential. Boom barriers can be operated manually or automatically, providing an effective means to prevent unauthorized access.

Various security options are available for boom barriers. They can be equipped with sensors that detect when someone or something gets too close, preventing accidents. Other options include using alarm systems or cameras to detect and prevent unauthorized access. Additionally, boom barriers can be equipped with a swivel base to minimize damage in case of a potential collision.

In summary, barriers are a prevalent method for regulating access to specific areas. They are available in various designs and can be operated in different ways, depending on the installation's needs. Various security options are available to prevent unauthorized access.

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