Bavak – Metal Detection Gates

Bavak – Metal Detection Gates

January 25, 2024

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Bavak – Metal Detection Gates

Bavak offers a comprehensive range of metal detection gates suitable for both permanent and temporary applications. Our detection gates can accurately identify various types of metal (ferrous and non-ferrous), allowing them to distinguish between small objects like paperclips and larger items like weapons.

The operating principle of our metal detection gates relies on magnetic fields. When a person with metal passes through the gate, the metal disrupts the magnetic field, activating an alarm or visual warning. Bavak's metal detection gates indicate the location of the detected metal on the person's body using LED indications.

When using metal detection gates, some essential considerations are necessary. Ensure, first and foremost, that the gate is correctly installed and calibrated to ensure accurate metal detection. Additionally, regular checking of the settings of the metal detection gates is crucial.

In addition to regular detection gates, Bavak also provides high-sensitivity gates for loss prevention applications and weather-resistant gates for outdoor use.

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