Bavak Mobile X-ray system, ZBV – available for rent

Bavak Mobile X-ray system, ZBV – available for rent

March 23, 2021

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The Bavak Mobile X-ray system, the ZBV – also available for rent

The ZBV – Z Backscatter Vehicle, completely clear and visible – ready to scan

Bavak has its own ZBV with which you can easily make an X-ray scan of large objects such as cars, trailers or garage boxes. By simply driving by, the ZBV delivers images as if the ‘object’ has passed through an X-ray scanner.

Currently, the Bavak ZBV is undergoing a final transformation. The mobile X-ray system will be provided with striping, see pictures, and special lighting. With this lighting, it becomes clearly visible when the ZBV is in operation.

Want to know more about the operation of the ZBV? Please check this video on our YouTube channel.

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