Bavak provides secure access solutions

Bavak provides secure access solutions

July 27, 2023

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Bavak provides secure access control solutions

Bavak offers a wide range of access gates that combine aesthetics and security. One of the models, for example, is the EasyGate walk-through turnstile, a slim and customizable walk-through speed gate that is ideal for office buildings and government locations with access control. These walk-through turnstiles feature a modern design and provide the highest level of safety and security. They are equipped with lighting, IR sensors, 'anti-tailgating' and cross-over detection, integrated barcode and QR code scanners, and maintenance-free 'Magnetic Direct Drive' motor. Additional features include intelligent light guidance, an integrated visitor card capture system with return function, medium and high glass wings, cladding options with Corian or stone, lift call system, and variable sound alarm.

In addition, Bavak also offers full-height turnstiles suitable for outdoor security or the segregation of specific areas within a facility. These turnstiles can be mounted in various ways, either as a permanent application or for mobile solutions, even within a container. They are standardly galvanized to extend their lifespan. Contact Bavak to discuss the possibilities.

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