Bavak remains innovative

Bavak remains innovative

June 23, 2022

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Bavak remains innovative

The name Bavak is a derivative of BAKker VAKkleding, which began in 1959. During a visit in Sweden, Mr Bakker came in contact with a sequence-number dispenser in a local shop. He did not hesitate, immediately visited the manufacturer and got the agency for the Netherlands. The well-known ‘number dispenser’ at the bakery, butcher and grocery turned out to be an enormous success. Bavak grew very quickly, and by the early 70’s, the market, for the sequence-number dispenser, had already expanded to the large banking groups in the Netherlands.

Within this banking sector, Bavak was also able to introduce the smallest microwave motion detector. Also due to this introduction, Bavak became one of the first acknowledged security companies in the Netherlands.

Since the start, not much has changed in the Bavak’s DNA. Bavak is still one of the most innovative and solution-oriented security companies with a very wide product range.

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