Bavak Roadblockers

Bavak Roadblockers

September 09, 2022

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Bavak Roadblockers

Roadblockers are designed as a traffic control device and/or as an impact resistant barrier. The Roadblockers supplied by Bavak come in different shapes and sizes. These range from a roadblocker for relatively low 'volume use' to a heavy-duty roadblocker for frequent use, and everything in between.

The Bavak Roadblockers are perfectly suited for 'High Security' areas. These can be airports, banks, embassies, customs, military areas and distribution depots. In the "up" position, the Roadblocker acts as a so-called "impenetrable barrier" and forms a highly visible deterrent. When the Roadblocker is "down" it is not an obstacle for passing vehicles.

Bavak also supplies and installs so-called Shallow Mount Roadblockers. These are used in case there is no option to go "deep" into the ground. This can be the case when the installation is placed above a (parking) garage or when the underground infrastructure is full of cables and pipes. It is also a cost-effective solution because there is less extensive civil engineering work to do.

In short, the Roadblocker that is most suitable for your needs depends on your situation. Please contact Gert-Jan van Kranenburg for more information.


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