Bavak's Crash-Rated Bollard Sleeves

Bavak's Crash-Rated Bollard Sleeves

October 24, 2023

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Bavak's Crash-Rated Bollard Sleeves

Bavak offers a comprehensive range of crash-rated bollards which come with sleeves for extra communication purposes.

Some of these bollards can be equipped with a special sleeve that transforms the bollard's function from pure protection to protection and communication. The crash-rated bollard retains its security capacity with the sleeve, maintaining its high level of protection. This opens the door to using bollards as an additional means of communication for urban marketing, promoting your brand, sharing company information, and conveying commercial messages.

The sleeves around the bollards can feature graphics. Think of company logos, city logos, logos of shopping centers or sports clubs, or even images of product packaging such as cans or other round containers.

This way, the bollard serves a dual purpose. On one hand, it still acts as a robust security measure to prevent (unintentional) collisions, while on the other hand, it offers an additional opportunity for effective communication, whether in public spaces or elsewhere.

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