Bavak, the supplier for ROMAP, a military access control system

Bavak, the supplier for ROMAP, a military access control system

November 26, 2020

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The Bavak ROMAP system

One of the added values within Bavak is its employees. Purchasing security systems, the delivery and installing at customers is what we do. But our employees always want to go one step further. Bavak developed and build an access control system in which almost all our security products and aspects are integrated, called ROMAP.

The ROMAP (Remotely Operated Military Access Point) is a system that identifies and monitors all visitors who wants to enter an army base. The ROMAP is an automated personnel access point for basic security that fits in perfectly with the philosophy of total security integration of Bavak. The ROMAP consists of several ‘security lanes’ which are continuously monitored from an external control room.

Interesting specifications of the ROMAP; Capacity of 120 persons per lane/per hour, Biometric ID Validation, Metal detectors and Z Backscatter X-ray equipment, Secondary inspection with body scanner, Access hatches for EOD robot, Systems locked per segment, The modules can be placed by military transport, Operational since 2014.

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