Bavak training

Bavak training

March 09, 2023

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Bavak has the best products as well as the best training

Installing high quality security equipment is the first step to a safe environment. The second step is the proper use of this equipment. To ensure that you get the most out of the equipment and make the best use of your security equipment, Bavak has developed three different user trainings.

There is the 'Building Security Solutions Training'.

It often turns out that the software of a Security Management System is not always used optimally due to a lack of knowledge of the software. By means of this training the student can operate the system properly and handle fault reports independently. All components of the Security Management System are covered during the training.

There is the 'Technical Management Training'.

The Technical Management Training is primarily intended for anyone in charge of technical maintenance. This mainly concerns speedgates, bollards, roadblockers and barriers. Each training course covers each product in detail.

There is the X-ray Training

Bavak uses a practical approach during the X-ray training. This means that the student first follows a theoretical training and then puts what he or she has learned into practice through practice assignments. The practical part of the training is carried out with simulation materials. This part is also supervised by an experienced trainer.

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