Bavak – X-ray Systems for Security

Bavak – X-ray Systems for Security

January 11, 2024

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Bavak – X-ray Systems for Security

Bavak delivers advanced security X-ray systems that are a crucial part of security procedures at numerous public locations such as airports, stadiums and government buildings. This technology enables us to inspect objects without physical contact or opening, saving time and effort while enhancing overall safety.

VVarious types of X-ray security systems are available, including beam x-ray equipment and backscatter technology. Transmitted X-ray equipment uses X-rays to generate detailed images of the inside of objects, an effective method for detecting hidden items in luggage and other small objects.

On the other hand, backscatter technology uses low-energy X-rays to create images of the surface structure of objects, particularly useful for detecting hidden weapons or explosives and narcotics.

These techniques are available in conventional X-ray systems, designed as single-view or dual-view, as well as in CT scanning systems. We also have 'static' systems, mobile systems and even a portable hand-held Backscatter Scanner is available.

In summary, the security X-ray is a valuable tool for detecting hidden objects and increasing safety in public places.

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