Boom barriers at Bavak

Boom barriers at Bavak

April 25, 2023

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Boom barriers at Bavak

A boom barrier is usually used to control traffic in certain locations, such as parking lots, parking garages, secure business areas or residential complexes.

There are also other reasons to use a boom barrier, such as access control. A boom barrier is used to control access to certain areas, such as a parking garage or business premises. It can be programmed to allow only certain vehicles or people.

A boom barrier can also be used for security, such as restricting access to sensitive or secure areas. For example, to keep unauthorized persons out of a certain area or to prevent vehicles from entering the secured area unauthorized.

Or a boom barrier can be used for parking management. A boom barrier can control access to parking lots and to ensure that only authorized vehicles are allowed to park in the lot. It can also be used to regulate the number of vehicles parked in the parking lot and prevent parking lot overcrowding.

Bavak has been providing boom barriers for these purposes for many years. For more information about Bavak's boom barriers, you can also download the leaflets at the left-bottom of this page.

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