Choosing the right Roadblocker

Choosing the right Roadblocker

November 17, 2020

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Choosing the right Roadblocker

The Roadblocker is designed as an impact resistant barrier for vehicle access. The name Roadblocker also directly explains the purpose, blocking a road or access.

A Roadblocker can work standalone but also in combination with a barrier or Speedgate. The Roadblocker is extremely suitable for High-Security areas such as prisons, financial institutions, embassies, customs but also at military compounds or large distribution depots. In fact, the Roadblocker is suitable for any location where a vehicle restraint system is required.

Bavak has a wide range of Roadblockers. Depending on the terrain and the possibilities offered by the terrain, we look at which Roadblocker is best suited to secure your premises. Bavak has more than 45 years of experience in the High-Security business, enabling our specialists to explain exactly which Roadblocker is most suitable for your situation.

There are also so-called Shallow Mount solutions for Roadblockers. These Shallow Mount Roadblockers are placed at locations where the infrastructure makes it impossible to go deep into the ground.

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