Cybersecurity, SAM Cyber Alarm

Cybersecurity, SAM Cyber Alarm

March 24, 2021

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Cyber Security, SAM Cyber Alarm – Bavak

A reliable cyber security system is vital to protect the private and company data.

Of course, you have secured your network and installed the updates in order to prevent the recent Microsoft Exchange hack.

However, by receiving the news regarding the hack of Microsoft Exchange, that gives us enough reasons to look beyond the usual cyber security. Your firewall and antivirus software are in order, but what if hackers still get the opportunity to gain access to a trusted software partner? In case of the Microsoft hack, it was the software itself that gave access to unwanted visitors.

The SAM Cyber Alarm solution monitors all data traffic to your server and instantly detects and reports all unwanted behaviours. Irregular traffic is immediately recognised, which allows you to intervene on time. Continuous signalling prevents a lot of trouble.

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