Different Bavak Bollards

Different Bavak Bollards

April 08, 2021

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Various Bavak Bollards

The situation determines the Bollard!

Roughly speaking, Bavak supplies four different types of Bollards. But beyond that, the Bollard range is very extensive. Besides the standard ‘stationary’, the so-called sliding, the retractable and the ‘special’ Bollards, almost every Bollard is available in various crash ratings.

Together with you, an analyse plan will be drawn up. Through years of experience, our specialists know how to ask the right questions and they will inspect the location. Depending on your situation, the choice of the Bollard is determined.

It is even possible to place special Bollards in the form of an impact resistant bench that completely blends into the surroundings. Using advertising sleeves around the Bollards is also a possibility.

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