Drone Detection live demonstration

Drone Detection live demonstration

April 13, 2022

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Are you curious how the Drone Detection works?

Come and see it in Noordwijk at the Bavak demo set up

On the rooftop of our Bavak HQ office we have placed a demo set-up of the Drone Detection system. With this system we detect all drone activity in the area and that is quite a lot at the moment. Bavak is located in Noordwijk between the worldfamous bulb fields and the coast line. The combination of sea, dunes and colorful flower fields provides many drone enthusiasts. We see many DJI drones, but also Autel, Parrot and also home-built drones are detected at this moment.

Would you like to see how the system works and looks in total? Come and visit us! Make an appointment via {Bert Messemaker](bert.messemaker@bavak.com)


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