Fireworks smuggle in cars? Bavak has a solution

Fireworks smuggle in cars? Bavak has a solution

October 30, 2020

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Fireworks smuggle in cars? Bavak has a solution

From 1 December 2020, consumers in the Netherlands are no longer allowed to light certain fireworks. The ban applies to fireworks in the category F3, firecrackers, flares and single-shot tubes (single shots).

The threat of smuggling fireworks from surrounding countries to the Netherlands has increased due to the changed law. One person is allowed to take a maximum of 25 kilos of fireworks across the border. Per car, a maximum of 25 kilos of consumer fireworks may be transported. When you are with four people in one car, it is not permitted to take 100 kilos of fireworks with you. This is one of the rules which is important for Dutch consumers.

For the investigation services it is quite a job to check vehicles as thorough and as quickly as possible. Bavak offers the solution by using a Z Backscatter® Van (ZBV).

The ZBV has a unique drive-by possibility. The ZBV is a mobile X-ray system with which operators drive past objects and create X-ray images which they can analyse directly. By using the ZBV, it is very easy to make fireworks and other objects immediately visible, hidden or not.

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