Hand palm access control

Hand palm access control

July 27, 2023

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Hand Palm Access Control System

Managing access more securely and quickly

Utilizes unique vein patterns in the hand palm scanned by an infrared camera. Offers reliable and fraud-resistant security method, as veins are beneath the skin and not easily replicable. The system is fast, accurate, user-friendly, and easily configurable.

Convenience, Integration, and Biometric Security

Benefits include ease of use, seamless integration with building management systems, and top-tier security on the database level with biometric technology. Hand palm registration takes only one minute, with LED indicators providing clear feedback.

Real-time scanning and access management in one

The system comprises a hand palm scanner that records and transmits vein patterns to the controller. The controller holds the authorized person database, comparing real-time scanned hand palms to encrypted data. A match triggers actions, such as door control.

An accessory registration kit is available, easily transportable for registering individuals across multiple locations. Vein patterns are encrypted and stored as registered templates, preserving user privacy.

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