Leaflets of our Boom Barriers

Leaflets of our Boom Barriers

June 03, 2021

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Leaflets of our Boom Barriers

Boom Barriers. Seemingly, a simple product. But to install a Boom Barrier, the right advice is required.

Choosing a barrier is not that easy due to various factors that that need to be considered. Such as the volume of traffic at the location, the length of the barrier arm, the way in which the barrier will be activated and any additions such as lightning, a skirt or a folding gate.

As of today, the leaflets of the Bavak Boom Barriers are available on our website. The leaflets give a clear description of which barrier is most suitable for a certain location and which specifications the barrier is equipped. This way, the first part of searching a Bavak barrier becomes a lot easier.

For more information regarding the Bavak Boom Barriers and leaflets, please visit Bavak Boom Barriers

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