Metal detection gates by Bavak

Metal detection gates by Bavak

January 03, 2023

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Metal detection gates by Bavak

Bavak supplies various types of metal detection gates for permanent or temporary use. All metal detection gates supplied by Bavak are able to detect the quantity and different types (ferrous & non-ferrous) of metal implicating they are able to distinguish between small objects such as paper clips and larger objects such as weapons. Besides regular detection gates, Bavak also supplies the so called high sensitivity gates for 'loss prevention application' and weatherproof gates for outdoor use.

Metal detection gates work through the use of magnetic fields. When a person carrying metal walks through the gate the metal disturbs the magnetic field and activates the alarm or visual warning. The metal detection gates supplied by Bavak indicate the location of the metal on the person's body through an LED indicator.

There are some important considerations to take into account when using metal detection gates. It is for instance important to ensure that the gate is properly installed and calibrated so that it can accurately detect metal. In addition, the settings of metal detection gates should be checked regularly.

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