Metal Detection solutions from Bavak

Metal Detection solutions from Bavak

November 30, 2020

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Metal Detection equipment

Metal Detection equipment is frequently used to check visitors at the entrance of a location. By using a walkthrough metal detector, checks are carried out on a reliable and efficient way for the presence of forbidden objects such as firearms, knives and other stabbing objects. As soon as an alarm goes off, a security officer can search a person in question with the help of a handheld metal detector.

Bavak delivers a variety of Metal Detection equipment such as walkthrough metal detectors and handheld metal detectors. We also supply walkthrough metal detectors that measures radioactive radiation and so called highspeed walkthrough metal detectors. These highspeed detectors allow large groups to pass through at the same time without emptying bags and pockets. This is time saving and a great convenience for visitors and the security.

For many years, our specialists have been working with these systems and therefore know all the details of these solutions.

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