Metal Detection Systems, explained

Metal Detection Systems, explained

May 11, 2021

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Metal Detection Systems, explained

The principal of metal detection has existed since 1881, when Alexander Graham Bell made a simple metal detector. A lot has changed since then.

A common application of metal detectors is in the form of a walk-through gate, used at airports and guarded buildings. Before a visitor walks through, al metal objects are placed in an empty container. The security employees receive audible and visual information on detected metal. In case of any doubt, or to determine the exact location of the detected metal, it is possible for the security employees to use hand-held metal detectors.

Nowadays, there are walk-through metal detection systems where visitors directly walk through without handing over their bags or emptying pockets. When a threat is detected, the system intervenes. The system identifies the person and displays the location of the threat on a screen to the security team. Because visitors can simply walk through, the throughput is very fast. This system scans up to 800 persons per hour.

Both systems have its own specific group that requires a different deployment of the security employees.

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