Metaldetection gates by Bavak

Metaldetection gates by Bavak

October 17, 2023

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Metaldetection gates by Bavak

Bavak offers a range of metal detection gates suitable for both permanent and temporary applications. Our metal detection gates are designed to detect various types of metal, including both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. This means they are capable of distinguishing between small objects such as paperclips and larger objects such as weapons.

In addition to our standard detection gates, we also provide high-sensitivity gates for loss prevention applications and weather-resistant gates for outdoor use.

The operating principle of our metal detection gates is based on magnetic fields. When a person with metal passes through the gate, the metal disrupts the magnetic field, triggering an alarm or visual warning. Our metal detection gates provide LED indications to indicate the location of the detected metal on the person's body.

It is essential to keep some key considerations in mind when using our metal detection gates. Firstly, proper installation and calibration of the gate are crucial to ensure accurate detection. Additionally, regular monitoring of the settings of the metal detection gates is of great importance.

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