Military bases - secure and fast access control

Military bases - secure and fast access control

December 01, 2022

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Most secure and fast access control for military bases.

At a military base it is mandatory to have a strict and secure entrance both for military staff and visitors. Bavak's ROMAP (Remotely Operated Military Access Point) provides a thorough and complete access control to secure the entrance. The command and control unit of the ROMAP is placed at least 500 meters from the entrance location itself, to avoid direct contact.

The Bavak ROMAP is set up in such a way that a 5-step process is completed thoroughly. These 5 steps are Identification, Screening, Verification, Routing and Detection. To gain access to the site, every visitor is subjected to this process. If the outcome of this process is positive then the visitor is allowed to enter the base. If the match between data and visitor is negative or doubtful, the remote operator can deny access and set the visitor aside in a safe place. The whole system is made fully redundant.

The ROMAP system has been operational since 2016. In case you would like to know more about the ROMAP, please contact us at Bavak or download the brochure from the bottom of this page


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