Military Secure Access - Remotely Operated Military Access Point

Military Secure Access - Remotely Operated Military Access Point

October 31, 2023

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Military Secure Access - Remotely Operated Military Access Point

The ROMAP, an innovative access control system developed by Bavak, serves as an automated personnel access point for the security of military bases and seamlessly aligns with Bavak's overall integration philosophy.

This integrated solution includes multiple security lanes that maintain constant connectivity with an external control center. The system is meticulously tailored to the customer's needs and can be flexibly adjusted.

Since each ROMAP is custom-made, it's challenging to provide a complete description of the live situation, but some integrated specifications include a capacity of 120 persons per access point per hour, biometric ID validation, metal detection, and backscatter X-ray, millimeter-wave screening for individuals, secondary inspection with body scanners, access hatches for EOD robots, segment locking for all systems, and logistical placement of all modules via air freight is possible.

The advanced ROMAP provides effective protection against BW-IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices) by (local) employees, ensuring the highest level of security at the entrance to military bases.

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