NEDS2022 – Bavak is exhibitor

NEDS2022 – Bavak is exhibitor

October 24, 2022

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NEDS2022 – Bavak is exhibitor

Bavak is pleased to welcome you on November 17th on the NEDS2022 in Rotterdam Ahoy. The NEDS is intended for representatives of the government, industry and knowledge institutions. It is not open to the public.

At the NEDS, Bavak will demonstrate a solution for safely implementing extensive access control for military encampments. Bavak will be happy to show you how multiple (military) sites can be completely monitored and secured. This is done remotely, is flexibly adaptable and can be controlled from one location.

If you are planning to visit NEDS2022, it is definitely worth visiting the Bavak stand as well.

In case you are unable to visit the NEDS2022 and would like to know more about the military solutions from Bavak, please contact Chris Reudink.

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