Retractable bollards, at Bavak also on a sloping surface

Retractable bollards, at Bavak also on a sloping surface

March 14, 2024

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Retractable bollards, also on a sloping surface

Bavak is known as the specialist in installing security measures even in the most challenging locations, thanks to years of experience and dedication to innovation. The example below of our expertise concerns the installation of a retractable bollard on a sloping surface.

About three years ago, a customer approached Bavak with the specific question of whether it was possible to install a retractable bollard on a sloping access road. This request presented a unique challenge due to the large amount of rainwater that could penetrate the installation.

In close collaboration with our engineers, Bavak developed an ingenious solution to drain the rainwater before it would reach the installation. This solution was tailor-made for the specific situation of the customer.

Three years later, the installed retractable bollard still functions flawlessly. The technician only needs to perform periodic preventive maintenance, allowing the customer to enjoy a reliable and sustainable security solution.

This success story not only demonstrates Bavak's technical skills but also our dedication to finding solutions that meet the unique needs of our customers.

At Bavak, we constantly strive to push boundaries and exceed expectations, so that we can always provide the best security solutions, regardless of the challenges that arise.

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